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whose next?
Running in fear that's all M and G where able to do at the moment, was run for there life's in fear of the monster or killer that was chasing after them.
The monster or killer had killed there friend's K, J, and H, and now it was trying to kill them too.
Both M and G were covered in the blood of there friends and had tears streaming down there faces blaring there vision.
They had nowhere to hide because they would be found by the monster or killer before they even try, they had to keep running to stay alive.
The monster or killer was covered in blood, and had yellow glowing eyes, shark like teeth, sharp claws, a great sense of smell and was catching up to M and G real fast.
No one was outside where they were running because they where in a forest faraway from Society with no way of knowing where they were going, they where lost, scared and not ready to die.
The thing chasing them really was a monster that only killed humans that where stupid enough to
:icontorihale:torihale 1 0
she was lost and forgoten
                                            she's lost at heart, broken inside and can never find her way out of her own mind because her mind is the maze that is to long and confusing for even her. she has been lost for a long time and no one has ever tried to find her so she gave up on everything that would help her because even if some one had found her they would just leave her again, she'd be lost even more inside. No ones ever found her or tried to, they figured that they would get lost to and never find their out so why try. she will never be free from herself always stuck inside, hurt, lost, broken and trapped, she has always wanted to be free but that could never be. She had once tried to be free but she just got hurt and a broken heart, she gave up and wanted to stay as lost as can be so s
:icontorihale:torihale 5 6
Eyeless Jack and I don't know anymore
~Killer’s thoughts~
It was a dark and stormy night. I was in my cabin in the middle of the woods, that no one knows about. I was eating some random camper's organs. By the way my name is Eyeless Jack, or E.J for short, I am a cannibal/killer. I have grey skin, pointy teeth, I keep my blue mask on almost all the time. as my name says I do not have eyes, but I can still see. I can’t remember my past, but I think I was a doctor because I have a lot of doctor tools. I kill people and put their organs in jars. Then I eat them when I get hungry. I have no need to remember my past because I probably killed my friends or family. I might have killed both of them, I could care less though. I am just ready for my next kill, because I have so much fun killing people very slowly to see them beg, cry, squirm, the beautiful red blood that comes out of the cuts I inflict on them, and the best part of them is their kidneys.
~Peoples thoughts/where abouts~
It was dark and wet outside. We cou
:icontorihale:torihale 3 2
my oc with a stuffed animal :icontorihale:torihale 2 3 gender bend oc :icontorihale:torihale 4 0 gamer guy :icontorihale:torihale 3 0 two halves of one hole 2 :icontorihale:torihale 1 0 two halves of one hole 1 :icontorihale:torihale 1 0 my oc as both genders 2 :icontorihale:torihale 1 0 my oc as both genders 1 :icontorihale:torihale 2 3 my oc as an adventurer :icontorihale:torihale 2 0
fake smiles
So you try to hide who you really are with your fake smile but I know how you feel and what you hide because I see it in your eyes all the pain and the love that you try to hide can not be missed by me I will not hide from you my dear because I know I need you near so that we can be together even if there's fear.
I know you are scared to let people see you feel other than happy you hide it all behind fake smiles so no one will pay attention to what your eyes show to them you look as happy as can be but you are not you hide it well so no one knows how you feel with your fake smile just to fool them a lot of the time so no one knows any feeling you have they just believe you're happy as can be and you will let them think that no matter what.
Even with all the pain that you feel you will still have behind all those fake smiles you just don't want to share how you feel hide it all away from everyone even yourself but if I look in your eyes I will see what you try to hide from me and I will
:icontorihale:torihale 4 5
elf girl maybe? :icontorihale:torihale 2 3 any one can name him :icontorihale:torihale 6 9
was sapost to be the first one
I'm not a writer
..................................I'm bored and I was talking to myself........................................
Alas when she arrived no one was there she was kind of sad about that but she didn't let that get to her because she knew that even if no one was there she wasn't alone deep in her heart she had a feeling that someone was there with her. She could have been right and she could have been wrong but that feeling was so strong that I might have led to her demise or it could have strengthened her will to do all the things that she thought she could never do and those thoughts stayed with her until she reached the back room. She may have been a little scare but she was a brave front just so she could see what has been locked in my room for all these years no one's been in that no one knows no one can find the key to open the door who is lost to everyone but her even with her brave front her fear would always take over and would eat at her no matter what happened.
:icontorihale:torihale 0 0
I've got no idea
So giving up on everything and everyone is the easy thing, and Who cares we are allowed to give up if we have, or need too. So give up if you want but don't feel like you have to, it is great if you never give up and keep going to achieve your goals.
Many people give up because they are stressed out, feel like they are not needed, that they are quitters and just don't want to finish things that they have/had started.
But don't give in to giving up because you are strong in your own way and I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to "so believe in yourself and you can do anything you want" so never give up unless you really need a break from it all.
You hold the power to do almost anything in the world and all you have to do is try and succeed at it. "Believe/just in/be yourself and you'll be fine"(
:icontorihale:torihale 1 4


Forgotten- Rebekah X Reader X Klaus
“Hey (name) you ready to go out?” Rebekah called. Klaus smiled evilly as he leaned against the door frame.
“What are you smiling about Niklaus?”
“Just your reaction for when it happens…” Klaus smile grew.
“What the hell did you bloody do?! Did you hurt (name)?!” Rebekah yelled in a panic and threw your door open. You sat on your bed startled by the sudden noise. Klaus followed in closely.
“Don’t you worry sister I didn’t touch a hair on her head.” Klaus smiled yet again.
“What is it then Niklaus what did you do ?” Rebekah now more annoyed rather than frantic like before.
“Um excuse me…” your voice piped up. The two siblings turned towards you. “Who might you be?” You asked.
“What who?”
“You.” Rebekah stared confused.
“Your joking right?” Rebekah turned back to Klaus wearing a shit eaters grin. “(Name) can you name the Mikaelso
:iconcitybratzs:CityBratzs 1 0
Smile Beautiful! Akame X Male Reader!

                                                         Chapter 1
                             Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
After this story will be the last Chapter for Blair X Male Reader, next will be Tatsumaki X Male Reader, it will replace Blair story once it's done.
Request by JohnnyTheEpicChhun 
(No One Point of View)
(Three years ago before season one)
In a small city in the south, crime was very high and unsafe but until a man came from nowhere and clean up the city, that man is what Esdeath is looking for. She came to the city searching for the man, she asked the citizens in where she can find him but no one knows or know who he is, all they know that it's a man with
:iconayalachris91:AyalaChris91 2 0
Toy Freddy x Reader Soulmate AU
I need some help with this one. 
I've been watching the sister location stuff lately, and I'm trying to figure out if funtime foxy is a girl or a boy. 
I've been getting mixed signals as funtime foxy is referred to as a "he" by the angsty teen voice, yet when the normal voice is back it is referred to as a she. 
Even more confusing, Foxy is in girls' nigh, yet in the thing on the bottom where it tells you how foxy attacks and how to beat it, Foxy is called a "him."
I'm so confused please help.
u were desperately trying to wind the music box, get Toy Bonnie out of the right vent, and watch the hall for foxy.
As Toy Bonnie was passing, you noticed a black, ivy tattoo on his arm. How cute, they put soulmate marks on the robots. Weird, when you were a kid they weren't there.
Snapping out of you reverie, you hurried to wind the music box. Checking the time, you sighed. Only 1AM. Jeremy is a dead man. Mike too. He probably knows what Jeremy did and encouraged it. They're both
:iconjustttjoy:JustttJoy 1 0
Cheating!Luffy x Reader:The tears never stopped V1
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece, Oda-senpai does but I do own this story. I also do not own the picture.
If you do not like this, feel free to tell me where to improve. If any part of this story is related to your story in any way, it is purely coincidental.
Part 2 of "The tears never stopped" Fluff ending version :D
A day.
A week.
A year
It went by miserably. It felt like a thousand years went by. If felt like...

Your heart was like glass, shattered into pieces, never able to fix back.
You were just dusting your little house by the countryside. You now lived in Dressrosa, where that stupid flamingo ruled over. You were sick and tired of his antics but couldn't do anything about it.
He was just too powerful.
Luffy could beat him, though. No why are you thinking of him! You thought.
Time was supposed to heal your broken heart...

As you stepped out of the house, you walked along the happy streets. Or so they
:iconmissasuna-san:MissAsuna-san 1 0
Jealousy Jeff The Killer x Reader
"No, there's no way Dark lost to Link!" I cried, laughing. BEN and I were just discussing our favourite games.
"He so did. He was SO mad. He cam back to the mansion, stomping his feet all the way up to his room!" BEN laughed.
I snorted along with him, unaware of the killer angrily staring at the two of you. 
Jeff's P.O.V
'Damn that elf-weasel. She's mine! But how am I supposed to get her to like me, when I'm just...Me.'
My thought patterns were interrupted by a cute little giggle. I looked over to the two pastas. I sighed, she was just so perfect. Not to mention adorable.
'Maybe if I could just get him out of the picture for maybe a week or two? Wouldn't want to kill or possibly injure my COD buddy and best friend.'
I sighed yet again. Lover really is a battle.
I'm gonna pretend to be Slendy.
The best scheme ever.
Once I tell BEN to go on some wild goosechase for some non-existent flower, he'll be gone long enough for me to get (Y/N) to love me.
Now, normally I would get
:iconjustttjoy:JustttJoy 1 0
tsukishima kei x reader | passing notes
    You woke with a start at the sound of your alarm blaring. You groaned, upset about the fact that your precious sleep was interrupted. It finally quieted down when you slammed your hand against the button and sat up. You rubbed your eyes and stood from your bed, walking to the bathroom to begin your morning rituals. When you finished with showering and all the other things you do in the bathroom, you walked over to your closet and opened the doors. You grabbed your uniform and tugged it on, taking the time to observe yourself in the full body mirror against your wall. All the sudden an idea hit you, making you smirk. You thought about your boyfriend, Kei, and how much he had a love hate relationship with your teasing. So, you did what any good girlfriend would and pulled your skirt up a little higher than necessary, but not enough to where you'd see anything. Satisfied with yourself, you finished everything you needed to do and yelled goodbye to your mother after
:iconprophetic-doll:Prophetic-Doll 1 0
Bitten (Stanford Pines x Reader) Pt. 2
I hesitated to go down to the basement. I knew I should apologize for being difficult. He was just trying to help, but he shouldn't have gotten upset like that. My journey down there was not for the sake of rolling over and showing my belly to him. There was something off in the way he spoke. He clearly wanted to say something important, but he didn't. That was why I was going down there. I needed to know.
I leaned against the doorway that led to the steps. So much has happened. This basement had almost no use until recent months. It was strange to be thinking about it now. I took a breath. And descended the stairs.
I stopped at the second level, his private study first. He wasn't there. Odd. I half expected him to be meditating in there. As he's been doing it frequently as of late.
With no luck on the second level, I went to the third. The five seconds in the elevator felt more like five years or each nano second spanned out across eternity. Whatever science-y metaphor I could use. Th
:iconmyerrors23:myerrors23 1 0
Creepypasta x Reader -Back to normal?- Pt1 / ???
    (A/N : dont hate me and if u had same idea well great minds think alike ...right? well anyways my OC is in here and this is just 4 fun dont hate meh o-o buuuuuuuut this will be weird so to the story)
*contains some cussing just so ya know ;) (in another chapter)
* some ... stuff *cough* classic Offendy stuff *cough* (in another chapter)
and i believe thats all
                                   //(Y/n)'s pov\\
     Well Shad and I are heading back to the mansion after ALOT of training and I mean ALOT! Why is she so hardcore? WONT EVEN LET ME TAKE A SINGLE BREAK!!! GEEZ WOMAN!!! Well to the point we were on our way to the mansion we went out a few miles ... why exactly? the training ground was out there Shad built an obsticle coarse there. Dang that woman doesn't let up does she? Wait... WHAT IN THE NAME OF MOTHER NATURE WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?! A BIG BLUE FLASH THING JUST CA
:iconshadowxloki:ShadowXLoki 1 0
DannyPhantom X Reader Chapter5 identity
Hey I hope you enjoy my work. I’ll upload more when I have time. I do NOT own Danny Phantom. This is also set in another A.U. In this AU ghosts are ghosts ignoring what Butch Hartman says about them being monsters from another universe and are called ghosts because it’s easier to say.
I’m English so some words may have different American meanings and sometimes spellings but for now I will try to put up the American meaning if not both.
Anyway enjoy….
Chapter: 5 Identity.
Dannys P.O.V
I never thought I’d hear that sound again. The sound of an explosion. But not just any explosion, no not the sound that I heard when the house blew up in flames, not even the same sound as my ghost ray power every time I shoot from my hands.
This was noise that still haunts me in my nightmares till this day.
It was the sound of the ghost portal.  
Me and my friends woke at once. I scrambled from the bed and turned on the lamp on my bedside table.
“Is everyone ok?
:iconkittycatfangirl:KittyCatFangirl 1 1
Inadequate (BTS x reader) 2
(A/n): second chapter of inadequate whoohoo!!!, you guys seem to enjoy this series so thought would carry this on lool.
You woke up early yet again, 5:00 am sharp and began to lose your mind to a distant place. You wondered how you're family is doing , if they even missed you. But you mainly wondered if you were a good enough assistant for BTS, because from what happened last night , it seems that they really hate you and somewhat enjoy tormenting you.. but nonetheless you decided today's the day to give your best shot one more time. You got up from your bed and started changing your clothes only after you sort out the schedule for today.
Opening the door to you're room you expected jungkook to be all over another woman but instead you saw Kim taehyung sitting  on the sofa texting. With a bright smile you approached the brown haired boy with joy. You sat next to him with comfort and greeted " good morning". Taehyung turns his head in a polite manner and says" good morning" you bot
:iconcake-neko:Cake-Neko 2 2
Seto KaibaxReader-New assistant pt.10
The car ride home was long and awkward. Kaiba sat there with his arms crossed and eyes on you as you cried into your hands. You were really hurt at the thought of Joey playing you like that.
He may have been your friend but he was still a highschool boy who was after only one thing.
Getting tired of hearing your sobbing, Kaiba pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to you.
"Here. Stop crying and wipe your face."he tells you. You stare at the cloth before taking it gently and wiping your eyes.
"T-Thank you.."
"Hmph, whatever. I don't understand why you're crying in the first place. Joey is just some loser. If anything it's his loss that you're not friends. Not yours. So stop crying already."
"I can't..Joey and I have been friends for such a long time..I just..I can't believe he would do something like this."you cried more.
"Well obviously you can or else you wouldn't be here crying about it."
You looked over at Kaiba who was staring at you. You looked away quickly as th
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 6 10
2p England x Chubby Reader - Strawberry Shortcake
~Warnings: Contains sexual themes and daddy kinks~
It was finally the end of the day as Oliver began to close the shop. He owned a bakery and it has began to become fairly popular, making him extremely busy baking sweets and cakes to keep in stock. Unfortunately, all of this caused him to lose time with his precious (Y/N).
With a content sigh, he made his way down the street to his house where she would always be eagerly waiting for him at the door. He chuckled to himself at the thought of the hyper and overactive girl. The way her blonde hair would always be put up in hair bows and clips or the way her stockings would be wrapped around those delicious thick thighs.
His mind began to wander with thoughts of her until he finally made it to the front door. He put the key into the lock and opened the door with a big smile on his face, "Princess, I am home!" he called out into the rather doll-like house. However, he was greeted with noth
:iconchub-reader-inserts:Chub-reader-inserts 12 2
Frozen - Dean Winchester x Reader
Dean slowly stepped into the dark building, all the time keeping his gun ready. His footsteps echoed off the empty walls and with every step his shoes shattered pieces of glass lying on the floor. Suddenly his phone rang and Dean quickly reached into his pocket.
“What's up?” he asked.
“Is Sam with you?” asked (y/n), located on the other side of the phone.
“No, we split up. He went to Emma's husband, I took care of the old warehouse. Why?”
“Oh, nothing. But he didn't pick up his phone, so I was wondering... And how's going?”
“Nothing yet” Dean reached the end of the corridor and touched some plastic curtain hanging from the ceiling, then he sighed. “ I'm not even sure if...”
He suddenly stopped talking, when he heard something. He turned around and pointed the gun, but in front of him was only darkness.
“Dean?” asked (y/n). “Are you there?”
“Yes, I'm here. I thought... Oh shit!” h
:iconephedris:Ephedris 4 0
Kageyama Tobio x Reader - Skirt 3|6
He never really paid attention to them until now, but the girls’ uniforms were really nice. They looked very hot to wear, though. Black jackets and tan vests under them, and the pretty black skirts.
The skirts were the best.
Not because they were short, but because they looked comfy. They flowed nicely along the legs of the wearer, and they looked smooth.
[Name] leaned in front of Kageyama, and he looked towards her eyes, and down at his desk.
“If I didn’t know what you were looking at, I would’ve though you’re a pervert.”
Kageyama’s rapidly heated up, pink replacing his usually pale skin tone. “I..!”
“You’re not, though, right?” [Name] snickered, a smirk on her face.
“Of course not! What kind of person do you think I am?!” He defended himself and forced his arms to cross, but ran his hands straight into his biceps painfully.
“Maybe you’re actually a
:iconitsnotapickupline:ItsNotAPickupLine 4 1
Mature content
Saitama x female!Reader :iconmichelleloc17:MichelleLOC17 2 0
DannyPhantom X Reader Chapter 4 Voices In The Dark
Hey I hope you enjoy my work. I’ll upload more when I have time. I do NOT own Danny Phantom. This is also set in another A.U. In this AU ghosts are ghosts ignoring what Butch Hartman says about them being monsters from another universe and are called ghosts because it’s easier to say.
I’m English so some words may have different American meanings and sometimes spellings but for now I will try to put up the American meaning if not both.
Anyway enjoy….
Chapter: 4 Voices in the dark.
Your P.O.V
Thank god it was Friday. The week had been long. You were dreading getting your English mock exam results back in case it you had failed, Dash had started giving you a hard time at school, even all that Danny Phantom thing that happened earlier was all starting to rub off on you. You needed a weekend to have some alone time. This week had just been too much for you.
"Your sure Skulkers gone?" You only catch this part of your friends conversation as you meet them in the corri
:iconkittycatfangirl:KittyCatFangirl 1 1



I don't know how I'm going to finish my new writing and here is what I have so far.
                                    TO BE BRAVE BUT END UP FAILING AT IT
        They tried to be brave but in the end they had failed too. They tried to do what was right but failed to do that too. They felt kind of hopeless, they felt so different but at the same time like they are the same person in some way. They tried to overcome their fears but can't really achieve that goal to be fearless and never be scared again. Though they seam to be different people they are one single person that is scared of everything and always will be that way
I had this cool af dream that I cant explain
reading fan-fic's has given me life issues cuz when I start reading I have to read more and when there is only so many chapters I'm like no I need more write more I become a fan-girl that has to read more cuz I love to read
I think that I have a sad smile, that also shows up in my eyes saying how I'm broken and not really fixable in anyway just lost, broken and tired. I try to be as happy as a broken person can be but it does not always work it just causes me to chip and brake more, while hiding behind a fake mask of happiness that says I'm happy but in my mind I am like, I'm not happy help me, stop me from lying to you more than I already have please help me.


No journal entries yet.


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I'm a dorky nerdy person who likes to read and draw and write when I have ideas. I am bad at the English language even if I am from America. I will always be awkward as a person and I am sorry if I ever make anyone uncomfortable. I'm a honest person who will say whats on my mind when I think it is needed. I'm a little all over the place, but I have fun with it. I am a Scorpio, and nice to people online.


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