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whose next?
Running in fear that's all M and G where able to do at the moment, was run for there life's in fear of the monster or killer that was chasing after them.
The monster or killer had killed there friend's K, J, and H, and now it was trying to kill them too.
Both M and G were covered in the blood of there friends and had tears streaming down there faces blaring there vision.
They had nowhere to hide because they would be found by the monster or killer before they even try, they had to keep running to stay alive.
The monster or killer was covered in blood, and had yellow glowing eyes, shark like teeth, sharp claws, a great sense of smell and was catching up to M and G real fast.
No one was outside where they were running because they where in a forest faraway from Society with no way of knowing where they were going, they where lost, scared and not ready to die.
The thing chasing them really was a monster that only killed humans that where stupid enough to
:icontorihale:torihale 2 0
she was lost and forgoten
                                            she's lost at heart, broken inside and can never find her way out of her own mind because her mind is the maze that is to long and confusing for even her. she has been lost for a long time and no one has ever tried to find her so she gave up on everything that would help her because even if some one had found her they would just leave her again, she'd be lost even more inside. No ones ever found her or tried to, they figured that they would get lost to and never find their out so why try. she will never be free from herself always stuck inside, hurt, lost, broken and trapped, she has always wanted to be free but that could never be. She had once tried to be free but she just got hurt and a broken heart, she gave up and wanted to stay as lost as can be so s
:icontorihale:torihale 6 6
Eyeless Jack and I don't know anymore
~Killer’s thoughts~
It was a dark and stormy night. I was in my cabin in the middle of the woods, that no one knows about. I was eating some random camper's organs. By the way my name is Eyeless Jack, or E.J for short, I am a cannibal/killer. I have grey skin, pointy teeth, I keep my blue mask on almost all the time. as my name says I do not have eyes, but I can still see. I can’t remember my past, but I think I was a doctor because I have a lot of doctor tools. I kill people and put their organs in jars. Then I eat them when I get hungry. I have no need to remember my past because I probably killed my friends or family. I might have killed both of them, I could care less though. I am just ready for my next kill, because I have so much fun killing people very slowly to see them beg, cry, squirm, the beautiful red blood that comes out of the cuts I inflict on them, and the best part of them is their kidneys.
~Peoples thoughts/where abouts~
It was dark and wet outside. We cou
:icontorihale:torihale 3 2
my oc with a stuffed animal  by torihale my oc with a stuffed animal :icontorihale:torihale 3 3 gender bend oc  by torihale gender bend oc :icontorihale:torihale 5 0 gamer guy by torihale gamer guy :icontorihale:torihale 4 0 two halves of one hole 2 by torihale two halves of one hole 2 :icontorihale:torihale 2 0 two halves of one hole 1  by torihale two halves of one hole 1 :icontorihale:torihale 1 0 my oc as both genders 2 by torihale my oc as both genders 2 :icontorihale:torihale 1 0 my oc as both genders 1 by torihale my oc as both genders 1 :icontorihale:torihale 2 3 my oc as an adventurer  by torihale my oc as an adventurer :icontorihale:torihale 2 0
fake smiles
So you try to hide who you really are with your fake smile but I know how you feel and what you hide because I see it in your eyes all the pain and the love that you try to hide can not be missed by me I will not hide from you my dear because I know I need you near so that we can be together even if there's fear.
I know you are scared to let people see you feel other than happy you hide it all behind fake smiles so no one will pay attention to what your eyes show to them you look as happy as can be but you are not you hide it well so no one knows how you feel with your fake smile just to fool them a lot of the time so no one knows any feeling you have they just believe you're happy as can be and you will let them think that no matter what.
Even with all the pain that you feel you will still have behind all those fake smiles you just don't want to share how you feel hide it all away from everyone even yourself but if I look in your eyes I will see what you try to hide from me and I will
:icontorihale:torihale 4 5
elf girl maybe? by torihale elf girl maybe? :icontorihale:torihale 2 3 any one can name him by torihale any one can name him :icontorihale:torihale 8 9
was sapost to be the first one
I'm not a writer
..................................I'm bored and I was talking to myself........................................
Alas when she arrived no one was there she was kind of sad about that but she didn't let that get to her because she knew that even if no one was there she wasn't alone deep in her heart she had a feeling that someone was there with her. She could have been right and she could have been wrong but that feeling was so strong that I might have led to her demise or it could have strengthened her will to do all the things that she thought she could never do and those thoughts stayed with her until she reached the back room. She may have been a little scare but she was a brave front just so she could see what has been locked in my room for all these years no one's been in that no one knows no one can find the key to open the door who is lost to everyone but her even with her brave front her fear would always take over and would eat at her no matter what happened.
:icontorihale:torihale 0 0
I've got no idea
So giving up on everything and everyone is the easy thing, and Who cares we are allowed to give up if we have, or need too. So give up if you want but don't feel like you have to, it is great if you never give up and keep going to achieve your goals.
Many people give up because they are stressed out, feel like they are not needed, that they are quitters and just don't want to finish things that they have/had started.
But don't give in to giving up because you are strong in your own way and I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to "so believe in yourself and you can do anything you want" so never give up unless you really need a break from it all.
You hold the power to do almost anything in the world and all you have to do is try and succeed at it. "Believe/just in/be yourself and you'll be fine"(
:icontorihale:torihale 1 4


Lucky Charm Reno X Reader
        “I'll do what I can, but honestly, this is not my area of expertize. I may just make things worse.” Unsure of yourself, you accepted the large red box of tools Rude held out for you. “If something blows up or malfunctions, I'm pointing my finger at you.”
Rude managed to speak only one word. “Fine.” With everything settled, he quickly turned from you and walked away.
“They'll see.” You let out an annoyed sigh as you made your way to the buildings roof. The metal tool box was heavy and awkward, making your trip take much longer than it normally would have. Finally reaching the top, you let the tool box fall to the concrete roof with a loud metallic clank. “Man, I really need to start working out.” Once you had caught your breath, you picked up your cargo and headed towards the small, broken down helicopter. “Reno, where are you Reno?” Though he didn't respond, his oil stained pants and bare protruding fr
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 160 5
Stalked Reno X Reader
       “This guys crazy, walking all this way. He should have flown, or driven, or something.” For hours now you'd been following Reno in secret. You had no idea where he was headed, only that he was on a mission. Had you known he was going so far, you would have stayed home, or at least worn proper footwear. “I really should have thought this through.” You leaned against an old brick building to rest for just a few seconds. You were tired, bored and thirsty, but your curiosity kept you from giving up. Knowing you had to start walking again if you didn't want to lose Reno, you cut your rest short and began following him again. “W-where did he go? I know he turned this way.” Right before your eyes, he'd disappeared, sending you into a frantic search for him.
“Looking for something?” Directly behind you was Reno, and he didn't seem all that happy to see you. “You know, I really thought you'd stop following me after
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 164 12
The Initiation Riku X Reader
           “Oh, I wonder what this could be?” A tiny piece of folded paper was wedged inside of your door, begging to be read. “Let's see then.” You opened the paper and looked down at the bold, black words. “Meet us at the secret spot. What the heck is that supposed to mean?” There was nothing else on the paper, no markings, no signature, no other clues at all. “Well apparently, whoever wrote this didn't really want me to go to, the spot.” Tossing the paper aside, you walked outside and down the empty street. “Wait a minute. I bet that was from Sora or Riku. They have a special spot.” Figuring there could be no other answer, you quickly took off towards their spot. You pushed your way through the tight doorway, but no one seemed to be there. “Riku, Sora, I got your letter thing.”
Instead of being greeted by Riku or Sora, someone in a long black trench coat walked in with a hood coveri
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 106 8
I Ain't No Quitter Reno x Reader
(Name) decided that she was getting tired of picking up Reno from the bar every night. She blew a (h/c) bang out of her eyes, as she sat in the car waiting for him to come out. Her (e/c) eyes, covered by her thick framed glasses, focused on the front door for a few minutes before her eyelids covered them and she placed her head on the steering wheel. ‘This has been going on for too long…’ She thought of how long he had been coming to bars and to her mind it had been 3 years sense she took over taking care of her friend. His others had given up on him and now wouldn’t come to pick him up without a good reason, such as (Name) asking or begging when she couldn’t make it.
She lifted her head off the steering wheel at the soft tapping on her passenger window, first thing she noticed was red hair and knew her wait was over, “Reno…” She said in an exasperated tone. He gave her a big drunken smile as she unlocked the door letting him into the c
:iconraincloud007:RainCloud007 25 3
Mature content
Reno x reader: play boy pt 1 :iconvanitasluver123:Vanitasluver123 8 3
Final Fantasy 7 x reader 7 minutes in heaven
You were running around looking for some clothes to put on , you found your (f/c) t-shirt and some black jeans and quickly put them on , you only had 10 minutes before you had to leave to Yuffie's house. She said she wanted you and the others all around her house by 8:00 , you wondered why she wanted everyone around and you thought about that when you got into the car and left.
Once you got to Yuffie's house everyone was there , Cloud , Zack , Aerith , Vincent , Reno , Barret , Reeve and Tifa. "The rest will be here later on (y/n)" a soft voice came as you turned to see your best friend Yuffie. "Alright Yuffie" you said as she hugged you gently , you of course hugged back.
Yuffie was the first one you met , when you first came she was with you for a while before introducing you to the others , ever since that 1st day you met her you and Yuffie became close friends , she was like a sister to you and you didn't want to loose her. Yuffie let go of you lightly "Come on (Y/n) let's go insid
:iconphantomspiritt:PhantomSpiritt 21 16
Coffee Break [Reno x Reader]
He stirred lightly, perhaps snorting just a bit. His arm draped lazily over the sofa as he moved.
It was only noon. He would totally be allowed to have extra sleep, right?
“Reno, get off your ass, come on.”
Ah, the voice of a beautiful angel.
Or is it his living alarm clock?
Perhaps a harpy straight out of the depths of Hades.
“Reno, it’s noon! You worthless piece of junk!”
He felt a light kick to his shin.
“Owww, fuck,” he moans, rolling onto his side.
“Reno, are you kidding me?”
He noticed your weight sink into the couch next to you.
And he smelt it, the heavenly aroma, the agreeable, delectable, delicious, luscious, entrancing scent belonging to the nectar of life he grew to love.
Almost immediately, the fiery red-head popped his head from the comfort of the couch. Indeed, there you sat, two cups of the ambrosia, the enticing steam greeting him for the coming day.
“Seriously, noon is coffe
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 77 7
Reno x Reader
//I had written this for my cousin a year ago. She loved this fanfic alot. I'm really sorry for the switching of POV's but I hope you guys like it ^^//
Your POV
I smiled at Tifa for the second time as she walked over to me. “(y/n) what’s wrong? Don't try lying or waving it off. I know something’s up.” She demanded and sounded worried.
I sighed knowing there’s no escape, “I’m in love with someone who doesn’t love me back.”
Reno’s POV
“Tell her how you feel.” Rude simply stated.
I groaned, “Look Rude. It’s not as simple confessing to (y/n). She doesn’t, and won’t like m-” I was interrupted as Rude’s phone rang.
“Yes Tifa?” There was a brief pause that made me itch to know what was going on. “Alright. I’ll give him the hint.” What hint? He shut the phone and slid it back in his pocket. “From what I’ve heard pretty boy. You are very
:iconsaeyaraelfic:SaeyaRaelfic 3 0
Reno x Reader : Late Nights with Reno [ONE-SHOT]
    “C’mon, [Y/n].  One more.  Jus’ stay for…” he paused as if he’d forgotten what to say next, then continued “For ‘nother round.”
    I sighed irritably at the redheaded Turk sitting to my left, who was already several rounds beyond his limit.  As if he noticed.  Reno was never very good at knowing when he’d had enough to drink; tonight was no different.  And while his drunken antics usually provided much entertainment, I was more than ready to leave.  The group of us had come in after work and it was nearing eleven already.
    “Maybe some other time.  For now, I think I’m headed home.”
    “But you can’t leave, yo,” Reno protested.  “Party’s jus’ started.”
    Rude, Elena and Tseng rolled their eyes, all too familiar with this routine.  As well they should be, hav
:iconvernichtenalles:VernichtenAlles 23 4
(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 4
It's been a few months since you and Reno ....ehem, did 'it' ... and all was well for you two. You both shared deep kisses here and there; laughed together while loosing at video games, and had fun doing your usual stuff.
Today, you were on your way towards Books-A-Million to pick up your new shipment of manga comics. (A/N: Anyone who likes manga, raise your hand! ^ o ^// )
The sun is bright, the sky is blue with white bunnies floating in the sky, and the air is as hot as an oven. You had to walk since Reno took the car you both shared to work. Guuhhh... Well, the exercise is good though.
As you walked along the sidewalk, many cars were buzzing by you. The air that pushed off of the passing cars ghosted over you, sending chills down your heated skin.
One moment.
You were walking towards the town.
The air is warm and smelt like something sweat.
One moment.
Tires screeching?
One moment.
You glance behind y----
One moment.
:iconannafuru:annafuru 1 0
Fever Chap1 Seme Male Reader x Uke Reno FFVII
Notes: Happy ending I swear. You replace Cloud Strife.
The club scene had never been ________________'s thing. He didn't care for the flashy lights and the loud dance music. And the crowds- oh, how he hated the crowds. So when ________________ agreed to go out to the loudest, most flashy, club in Midgar, Cid and Barret had been surprised. ________________, on the other hand, had not been surprised he had come. Somehow, Cid had managed to drag Vincent. ________________ could tell by the look on Vincent's grim face that the ex-Turk wanted him to suffer the same fate so he agreed to join them.
________________ was sitting beside Barret and across from Cid and Vincent at a table. He was sipping his second beer. He had no plans to get drunk sipping the cold beverage with slow sips and long pauses between.
He just wanted to go home. The lights were hurting his eyes and the music was giving him a headache. Not to ment
:icondrunkenreno:DrunkenReno 2 0
Reno Takes Care Of You -Reno x Uke Male Reader FF7
Note: You replace Rufus Shinra. Reader is 18+ in age.

The squeaking of the wheelchair had become a familiar sound to Reno. Geostigma was slowly eating away at ____________'s body, causing his flesh to be covered in the thick black goo that was Geostigma. The strong-willed was so weak now; that he could hardly take care of himself. Geostigma was in the final stages. ____________ knew this and so did the Turks. All the Turks could do is serve the president and hope that the doctors that ____________ had paid large sums of money, find a cure.
Reno was leaned back in his chair with his feet resting on the desk. He was the only Turk on duty to watch the president. Tseng had gone home. Elena was sick. And Rude went to the 7th Heaven for a drink. Though Reno could use a scotch right about now, he didn't dare leave the president alone.
"You need anything, President?"
"Reno. I told you time and time again to call me ____________." ______
:icondrunkenreno:DrunkenReno 1 0
Unrequited (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader)
He’s a bad person, he really is.
Kuroo Tetsurou never hid anything from Kenma but this was something he would take to the grave.
Out of the 7 billion people on earth, it just had to be her?
He deserves the award for worst best friend for falling in love with his own best friend’s girlfriend.
That’s right, he, Kuroo Tetsurou, was in love with Kozume Kenma’s girlfriend (Y/n).
How could he not be? She was everything he wanted in a girl.
She had long and luscious hair, he always wondered what it would be like to runs his fingers through it and- Okay, getting side-tracked. She had a beautiful smile that rendered him breathless. She was kind and caring and compassionate. She made him laugh till his stomach hurt.
How could he not fall in love with her?
When he first realised his feelings for her, he denied them and did everything he could to suppress them for the sake of his best friend. They were happy together and there’s
:iconitsranko:itsranko 1 0
Tales With a Twist Luffy x Reader
When you were young you lived a nice peaceful childhood with your parents in the kingdom’s capital port town. Your father was a nobleman who made enough to allow his family to live comfortably. Your family raised you with as much love as they could while sharing stories of adventures and enjoying their nights gazing at the stars.
One day however your mother died through an illness. While your father was grief ridden he would always put you first. In order for you to continue growing up with a mother your father remarried to the socialite Lady Cassandra who had two daughters of her own named Catrina and Sandra.
One day, your father sailed away to go on a business trip, but a terrible storm blew and he never came back. When it was confirmed that your father had passed away your step family’s cruel nature revealed itself. Being jeal
:iconmorianna19:morianna19 5 5
Hetalia x Witch!Reader - When They Cry - P.2:Ch.2
Hetalia x Witch!Reader
When They Cry
Part 2-Axis Arc
Ch.2- Ill Intent
AN- Thanks for all the wonderful favorites and comments on the last few chapters~ Keep in mind that if you guys want updates faster and more frequently than please comment! I always get more encouraged to write if I see comments on my stories, and I actually lose interest in writing them if I don't see much feedback... as I think it means people don't like it. So please if you have an extra few minutes, leave me a comment after your read! I always enjoy hearing what you all have to say and talking to you about my latest chapters as well! Thanks and enjoy this chapter!
The stalls seemed endless as you lazily paced through them, your feet carrying you around for the group of people you were looking for and excited to spend festival night with.
You had run into Tino and his small group a few moments ago. Tino once again spoke about how excited he was to take photos for another festival, though you could tell some other
:iconthecomicgal:TheComicGal 2 0
What Remains|BATIM x Reader (Part 2)
The boards blocking the door split, allowing you to open it and descend down the stairs leading to the Utility Shaft. "Wow. I forgot how huge this place was......" You muttered, looking around to see splatters of ink everywhere, pentagrams painted on the walls, more Bendy cutouts, cans of "Bacon Soup" (which everyone but you and the cartoons thought was disgusting), small candles, and another message in ink reading, "HE WILL SET US FREE".
"....and now it's even more oddly disturbing."
The fact that the message was put next to an image of Bendy gave you a gut feeling that this wasn't his nor Boris's work. Looking around some more, you found another tape recorder, so you decided to play it.
"He appears from the shadows to rain his sweet blessings upon me." You instantly recognized the voice of Samuel Lawrence, the music director who always seemed a bit...crazy about Bendy but he was still a nice guy to talk to during breaks.
"The fi
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 15 9



I love to hate on people in horror movies because they are stupid and do all kinds of things that can and will get them killed. I feel bad for them but they keep screwing up and making the same stupid mistakes
7 deviations
I don't know how I'm going to finish my new writing and here is what I have so far.
                                    TO BE BRAVE BUT END UP FAILING AT IT
        They tried to be brave but in the end they had failed too. They tried to do what was right but failed to do that too. They felt kind of hopeless, they felt so different but at the same time like they are the same person in some way. They tried to overcome their fears but can't really achieve that goal to be fearless and never be scared again. Though they seam to be different people they are one single person that is scared of everything and always will be that way
I had this cool af dream that I cant explain


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