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whose next?
Running in fear that's all M and G where able to do at the moment, was run for there life's in fear of the monster or killer that was chasing after them.
The monster or killer had killed there friend's K, J, and H, and now it was trying to kill them too.
Both M and G were covered in the blood of there friends and had tears streaming down there faces blaring there vision.
They had nowhere to hide because they would be found by the monster or killer before they even try, they had to keep running to stay alive.
The monster or killer was covered in blood, and had yellow glowing eyes, shark like teeth, sharp claws, a great sense of smell and was catching up to M and G real fast.
No one was outside where they were running because they where in a forest faraway from Society with no way of knowing where they were going, they where lost, scared and not ready to die.
The thing chasing them really was a monster that only killed humans that where stupid enough to
:icontorihale:torihale 2 1
she was lost and forgoten
                                            she's lost at heart, broken inside and can never find her way out of her own mind because her mind is the maze that is to long and confusing for even her. she has been lost for a long time and no one has ever tried to find her so she gave up on everything that would help her because even if some one had found her they would just leave her again, she'd be lost even more inside. No ones ever found her or tried to, they figured that they would get lost to and never find their out so why try. she will never be free from herself always stuck inside, hurt, lost, broken and trapped, she has always wanted to be free but that could never be. She had once tried to be free but she just got hurt and a broken heart, she gave up and wanted to stay as lost as can be so s
:icontorihale:torihale 6 6
Eyeless Jack and I don't know anymore
~Killer’s thoughts~
It was a dark and stormy night. I was in my cabin in the middle of the woods, that no one knows about. I was eating some random camper's organs. By the way my name is Eyeless Jack, or E.J for short, I am a cannibal/killer. I have grey skin, pointy teeth, I keep my blue mask on almost all the time. as my name says I do not have eyes, but I can still see. I can’t remember my past, but I think I was a doctor because I have a lot of doctor tools. I kill people and put their organs in jars. Then I eat them when I get hungry. I have no need to remember my past because I probably killed my friends or family. I might have killed both of them, I could care less though. I am just ready for my next kill, because I have so much fun killing people very slowly to see them beg, cry, squirm, the beautiful red blood that comes out of the cuts I inflict on them, and the best part of them is their kidneys.
~Peoples thoughts/where abouts~
It was dark and wet outside. We cou
:icontorihale:torihale 3 2
my oc with a stuffed animal  by torihale my oc with a stuffed animal :icontorihale:torihale 4 3 gender bend oc  by torihale gender bend oc :icontorihale:torihale 6 0 gamer guy by torihale gamer guy :icontorihale:torihale 4 0 two halves of one hole 2 by torihale two halves of one hole 2 :icontorihale:torihale 2 0 two halves of one hole 1  by torihale two halves of one hole 1 :icontorihale:torihale 1 0 my oc as both genders 2 by torihale my oc as both genders 2 :icontorihale:torihale 1 0 my oc as both genders 1 by torihale my oc as both genders 1 :icontorihale:torihale 2 3 my oc as an adventurer  by torihale my oc as an adventurer :icontorihale:torihale 2 0
fake smiles
So you try to hide who you really are with your fake smile but I know how you feel and what you hide because I see it in your eyes all the pain and the love that you try to hide can not be missed by me I will not hide from you my dear because I know I need you near so that we can be together even if there's fear.
I know you are scared to let people see you feel other than happy you hide it all behind fake smiles so no one will pay attention to what your eyes show to them you look as happy as can be but you are not you hide it well so no one knows how you feel with your fake smile just to fool them a lot of the time so no one knows any feeling you have they just believe you're happy as can be and you will let them think that no matter what.
Even with all the pain that you feel you will still have behind all those fake smiles you just don't want to share how you feel hide it all away from everyone even yourself but if I look in your eyes I will see what you try to hide from me and I will
:icontorihale:torihale 4 5
elf girl maybe? by torihale elf girl maybe? :icontorihale:torihale 2 3 any one can name him by torihale any one can name him :icontorihale:torihale 8 9
was sapost to be the first one
I'm not a writer
..................................I'm bored and I was talking to myself........................................
Alas when she arrived no one was there she was kind of sad about that but she didn't let that get to her because she knew that even if no one was there she wasn't alone deep in her heart she had a feeling that someone was there with her. She could have been right and she could have been wrong but that feeling was so strong that I might have led to her demise or it could have strengthened her will to do all the things that she thought she could never do and those thoughts stayed with her until she reached the back room. She may have been a little scare but she was a brave front just so she could see what has been locked in my room for all these years no one's been in that no one knows no one can find the key to open the door who is lost to everyone but her even with her brave front her fear would always take over and would eat at her no matter what happened.
:icontorihale:torihale 0 0
I've got no idea
So giving up on everything and everyone is the easy thing, and Who cares we are allowed to give up if we have, or need too. So give up if you want but don't feel like you have to, it is great if you never give up and keep going to achieve your goals.
Many people give up because they are stressed out, feel like they are not needed, that they are quitters and just don't want to finish things that they have/had started.
But don't give in to giving up because you are strong in your own way and I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to "so believe in yourself and you can do anything you want" so never give up unless you really need a break from it all.
You hold the power to do almost anything in the world and all you have to do is try and succeed at it. "Believe/just in/be yourself and you'll be fine"(
:icontorihale:torihale 1 4


Nordic x Reader Pt.2
Nordic x Reader Pt.2
(Warning! I do not plan to keep writing on this fanfic for a while, so until I see fit, it will not continue)You woke up before the rest of the Nordics so you got up to take a shower. After taking off all of you’re clothes you hopped into you shower turning on the water. You started to hum to some songs.
“(y/n), hurry up! I have to take a shower to.” Denmark said out side of the door.
You smiled. “Maybe if you woke up earlier, you could have a shower.”
“No, you’re going to take up all of the hot water!”
“I think I have a solution we’ll both like.”
“We could take a shower together?” You said slyly.
(Denmark thought about it for a second. He wanted to see (Y/n) naked, but also didn’t want her to suck the life out of him. So, he went better safe than sorry.)
“Nope, showers all yours.” He said before walking away. You laughed for a bit then got out of the
:iconassassinfox00:AssassinFox00 17 5
Kirkland Brothers X Reader
(Warning! I do not plan to keep writing on this fanfic for a while, so until I see fit, it will not continue)“The Kirkland brothers.” He said as he sat with you. “Arthur will pick you up in a bit.”
A few tears formed in you’re eyes. “Aceasta este o prostie. Eu nu înțeleg de ce eu am să te las fratele mai mare?” You said as you leaned over and hugged him. ((This is stupid. I don’t get why I have to leave you big brother?))
He hugged back. “I’m sorry (y/n).” The door bell ran interrupting the moment. “That should be him.”
“Carry me?” You asked. He gave you a look that said ‘are you serious’ you gave a look back that said ‘the only way I’m getting out of here is by piggy back’. You to started at each other for a bit.
“Fine.” He gave in; he turned around for you to get on his back.
“I love you.” You said as he walked out of the room.
:iconassassinfox00:AssassinFox00 34 15
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 11
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 11
The Girl of Morning Dew
October 25, 2014    Floor 22
You smiled brightly at the two of them, Asuna and Kirito. “So the house is over there and the people here are really nice. Hope you guys have the best of time!”
“Thank you (y/n), and we will!” Asuna smiled at you then pulled you into a deep hug.
“Okay, well I got to get going now. Bye guys.” You let go of Asuna and waved to them where you stood on the teleport gate before leaving.
“Oh (y/n). She’s so nice. She helped us get a house here to rent on floor 22.” Asuna said to Kirito.
“Yeah, usually renting out a house for a while here cost a lot.” He said back.
“Yeah, but let’s not waste our time here, c’mon lets get going!” She ran for the house they were staying at and Kirito followed.
While they were spending their honeymoon being comfy cozy, you left to go leveling up. Kirito and Asuna spent every dyein
:iconassassinfox00:AssassinFox00 40 56
You're Mine (Anti x Reader) - Part I
“I need some sleep
It can't go on like this
I tried counting sheep
But there's one I always miss”

-I Need Some Sleep by Eels
Neither of you could get any sleep. Sean’s tossing and turning at night kept you well awake all October long. Many early mornings were spent by your bedside as he trembled and panted, sweat dripping from his temples and shoulders. Today, October 29th, would be one of those days. You reach over onto the other side of the bed to find your lover absent from his place beside you. You turn over to check the alarm clock next to your head that reads 3:32 am and you notice the bathroom light is on in the other room. Wrapping the blanket around your shoulders, you shuffle your way to the bathroom and peek out from the doorway to see Sean heaved over the side of the sink. His body is damp with sweat and his eyes are dark with exhaustion. Sensing your presence, he turns and smiles to see you standing there. He gives a nervous chuckl
:iconxzethanyx:xZethanyx 6 4
Amaimon X Reader -Nice to meet you- Part 1
You and your friends from the cram school were entering the Mepphy’s Movie Theatre.  It has been recently built next to Mepphy Land by the principal of True Cross Academy, Mephisto Pheles.  You sighed, looking at Rin and Bon who were arguing about the movie you should all watch tonight.
Shima was trying to cool them off and Izumo was mumbling that she should never have accepted the invitation. You thought you couldn’t agree more with her, and you winced when you remembered all the homework you had to do later… Meh! Homework could wait. You were here to have fun, weren’t you?
“Shiemi, what do you say we go get some popcorn and drinks for everybody while the boys make up their minds? ", you said with hope that the testosterone match would be over when you’ll come back with the supplies.
“Sure!!’’, she replied with enthusiasm.
You started walking, followed by Shiemi who was literally frolicking of joy. “Wow, this girl s
:iconbunka-busta:bunka-busta 8 5
Amaimon x Reader Chapter 1
Chapter 1
 Bzzzt!! Bzzzt!! Bzzzt!! Bzz-SMASH!!
      "Ugh...stupid alarm clock… now I have to go buy a new one again."  Never being much of a morning person I just rolled over again in my warm cocoon.
    The normal bright first day came to greet anyone with open arms as I scowled under my covers. It’s now my second year at the Exwire School and I was certainly NOT looking forward to it. Sure work was a priority but seeing all the other students and Mephisto is not exactly my favorite thing.
        "Why do I even have to wake up so early?" I reluctantly crawled out of my warm comfy haven to take a shower. "5:30...OK then I have two hours to get ready."
    The feeling of the warm water made me want to just go back to sleep. That feeling quickly went away as soon as I walked out of the shower to get dressed. *shiver* C
:iconkirito7takahashi:Kirito7Takahashi 6 2
Amaimon x Reader Chapter 6
Chapter 6
                HUFF. HUFF. HUFF.
                I have to run. I have to get away. Everything was so cold but an overwhelming heat was chasing me. A scarlet glow of a figure was perusing me. I can’t let it catch me. If I look back it will surely consume me.  The growing darkness took over my vision I couldn’t see as I stumbled away from this THING. I hear nothing yet I am hearing the incoherent voices of so many souls screaming for mercy. My feet…they burn.
      You can’t run for long.
                I feel the warmth grow against my back. It hurts so much I feel like my back is on fire.
     You won’t control me for long.
:iconkirito7takahashi:Kirito7Takahashi 7 1
Mature content
Let's Drink! Mephisto Pheles x Male Reader oneshot :iconyamibaki:YamiBaki 99 26
Emotional!Amaimon x Reader 3

THERE WILL BE 18+ Content, don't read if you're going to be a prude cunt about it.
(( Disclaimer: I do not own the songs for this story, nor the pictures or anime, but I did alter the lyrics a bit to fit the conflict in the story. This story will be in the graduation years of the academy for Rin and the gang. I changed parts of the story line to match this one, so bear with me.))
Songs: Only Hope- Mandy Moore.
Just your Problem- Owners of Adventure Time (Altered for a female version.)
Super Psycho Love- Simon Curtis (Altered for a female version.)
I hate U- Simon Curtis
Inside you- Hoobastank (Altered for a female version.)
Is that alright- [Ashe] (Altered for a female perspective.)
Come little children- Hocus Pocus.
Table of Contents: 
Part 1: Amaimon's regret
Part 2: Sweets and Musical Treats
Part 3: Fun, Sun, And a Secret
Part 4(Lemon.): Feelings.
Part 5: Fed Up and outted.
Part 6: Amaimon's Stolen
:iconcapricatotal:CapricaTotal 1 5
Uncover~Part 4~Secrets and Stories

    The night was chilly and crisp, the crunch of leaves underfoot made you smile a bit, peering at Smoker briefly, his amber eyes always scanning around. "Always on the lookout hmm?" You ask with a small smile, kicking up a few leaves that had fallen in a pile on the ground.
    "Maybe I'm over cautious..." He shrugs peering at you. "You doing alright? Your leg bothering you?"
    "I'm okay." You hum, looking down at your leg. "Not bothering me nearly as much as it was earlier."
    "Good..." He looks ahead again. "It was a night like this when I first met a monster..." He breathes randomly.
    "Really?" You ask, peering up at him. "What was it?"
    "He was vampire, standing over some scared kid... His eyes were glowing red, even through those sunglasses he wore... I tried to take him down, but he was too strong, then again I wa
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 7 4
Agents of Yesterday (Avengers x Reader x OC) Pt. 6

 Agents of Yesterday
Chapter #:6
Word Count: 1,715 words
Rating: 17+; foul language, suggestive material, etc. 

      Chapter 6: Falling For Me Soldier?
Before the Events of Chapter 17 of S&S
    "Come on Steve. Can I use your shield? Please. Pretty Please. Please with a cupcake that has frosting & sprinkles on top?" Nicole begged her boyfriend Steve with puppy dog eyes.
    "Why do you want to use my shield so bad? It's not even that special..." Steve laughed and shook his head. Nicole frowned and pounced onto Steve. A pillow fell on the ground and Steve gasped at Nicole's sudden movement.
    "Let me use your shield... or else..." Nicole said with a bite of her lip as she sent Steve a suggestive wink.
    "Well, if I get that for not letting you use my shield, then I gue
:iconilovemlptoomuch:ILoveMLPTooMuch 4 0
America x Magical Girl! Reader - Hero Girlfriend 5
My Girlfriend the Hero
America x Magical Girl! Reader
Mini-Series 5/5
How My Hero Girlfriend Turned Our Enemies Into Friends
Alfred was giving it his all against the scarf wearing villain in front of him. He’d swing his hammer as hard as he could, trying to land a hit.
But the well built Russian appeared to have some good reflexes, as he managed to block most of Alfred’s attacks with just his rifle.
Lucky for Alfred, he was more nimble and agile the the Russian, so even if he had perfect aim, Alfred was hard target to hit!
The two kept being evenly matched it appeared in their own little version of the Cold War. Alfred would miss, and so would his opponent.
Finally Alfred had seen an opening and was ready to strike there. He tossed his hammer in front of him, distracting Siberian Winter. HE was ready to slide kick the Russian, when a sudden explosion of stars and ribbons tied both fighters up and restricted them from moving even the slightest.
Alfred blinked and saw that th
:iconthecomicgal:TheComicGal 5 1
Markiplier X Reader Chapter 20 Kitchen Memories
"Last chance to turn back. I can say I was sick." I said. We stood at the door of my parents house. I could hear the noise of everyone inside. My last chance to change Marks mind and heading home. I knew exactly what was going to happen and to be honest I didn't know if Mark could handle it. Most of my family was going to be in there and after hearing we broke up, Marks not going to be a hot topic.
"We are going inside. I don't understand what you're afraid of. I've met your family before. They don't seem like the terrible people you are making them out to be." Mark said. "They aren't its just.... I'm afraid they will gang up on you. You aren't the hottest person in my family right now. Just be careful." He nodded and grabbed my hand as my other hand knocked on the door. I heard foot steps then the door opened up revealing my Ma. "(Y/N)!" "Ma!" We hugged then she looked over at Mark. My brain was yelling, Retreat! but then she cracked a smile. "Its good to see you Mark! Come in!
:icontorrienando:torrienando 5 1
A Wolfpire's call! OP x Reader Profile Page
Profile page!!! This will kinda make stuff a lil clearer for the story so, I'm making this!
Name: L/n. D. Y/n
Age: 18 (fits with the story better...)
Height: Y/h
Gender: Female
Wanted Poster name: Valentina, the blood-thirsty wolf princess!
Wanted Poster Amount: 675,000,000
Wanted Poster Status: Alive
Occupation: Pirate
Alias(es): ???
Date Of Birth: d/o/b
Status: Alive
Zodiac Sign: Z/s
Species: A wolf- vampire hybrid.
Crew: Strawhat Pirates
Y/n is a woman of great strength and even greater looks. Her clothing always matches her hourglass figure and her natural complexion. Long h/c locks frame her face perfectly and have a natural way of getting the biggest spotlight in the universe to shine on it- the sun. Y/n has always been able to snatch the spotlight without even meaning to when she was young. Though as she grew, the more people she found falling for her looks. A set of adorable fluffy ears were to blame, al
:iconxxoreochanxx:XxOreoChanxX 1 0
Handcuffs (Levi X Reader)
Sooo! Little A/N: This fanfic is going to be a little different. It’s mainly a giant ball of fluff for the soul. If you were to sit down and think about it, you’d probably realize just how incredibly stupid this story was. Basically don't give me the this is so out of character and it's weird crap. I know it's a little different, but again. FLUFF.
And for the inspiration, I’d like to give it to the Buzzfeed group when they handcuffed people together, and for my own experience when a friend of mine tricked me and handcuffed my hand to his. I’m still cranky about that.
WARNINGS: Inserts Captain America meme: LANGUAGE!
You were in Levi’s office helping him with paperwork. He had been drowning in the sea of paperwork and needed some serious help and commanded that you, the poor innocent cadet, be his victim.
It wasn’t really so bad. That is, after you realize he had no intention of actually murdering you. You might have screamed
:iconshingekinolevifanfic:shingekinolevifanfic 19 4
Vylad! X Reader! Meeting Again
A/N: Hey guys so this is very important! So this takes place not in Phoenix Drop High, but on Mystreet. Well the Mystreet that wasn't blown up by the mayor. I hope you remember the episode were Vylad came home and asked Aphmau if he could stay at her house for a while, if you don't remember than I'll leave a link in the description down below. So this takes place after he moved in and you live in a house behind Aphmau's. No one one knows yet. So ON TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE STORY!!!!!!!!
Today was a beautiful day. You walked outside to water your garden. You grew ( pick a fruit or Vegetable )'s. They needed to be watered. You worked at a maid café and you made friends there. After school you lost contact with all your friends. You often wondered sometimes wear were they? You started watering your plants when you heard someone.
   " Hi."
You turned towards were you heard the sound to see a guy with bright green eye's, brown hair,
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 6 2



11 deviations
I love to hate on people in horror movies because they are stupid and do all kinds of things that can and will get them killed. I feel bad for them but they keep screwing up and making the same stupid mistakes
I don't know how I'm going to finish my new writing and here is what I have so far.
                                    TO BE BRAVE BUT END UP FAILING AT IT
        They tried to be brave but in the end they had failed too. They tried to do what was right but failed to do that too. They felt kind of hopeless, they felt so different but at the same time like they are the same person in some way. They tried to overcome their fears but can't really achieve that goal to be fearless and never be scared again. Though they seam to be different people they are one single person that is scared of everything and always will be that way
I had this cool af dream that I cant explain


No journal entries yet.


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